What You WIll Learn in This Course:

  1. What makes a relationship "toxic".
  2. How "toxic" relationships are karmic relationships.
  3. Why and how you manifested a toxic/karmic relationship.
  4. How to use karmic relationships to heal spiritually.
  5. How to stop repeating toxic relationship cycles.

A Word From Your Teacher

In my coaching & consultations the most prevalent conversations I have revolve around healing from relationship trauma. This course has been created to address some of the most common manifestations of karmic relationships and why they are so important to have and learn from. I want my students & clients to deeply understand that every relationship experience is working for you, not against you. When You have this underdtanding you are able to make the mental, spiritual, emotional and behavioral adjustments to create healthy loving relationships moving forward. You have to be the change you wish to see in your relationships. Im going to teach you exactly how to do that using the expereince of your past toxic relationships.

Example Curriculum

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  What is a Karmic Relationship
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Heal to Find New Love

Dream has been the vessel for my healing & transformation. It is through his reflection that I have been able to overcome past traumas that kept me stunted and living as half the woman I knew I was. In this course I will be showing you how to use your current relationship as an opprotunity to heal from past toxic relationships. You can find love, you are worthy of love, you simply must do the internal work stopping you from experiencing it.